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Combined Life Insurance

Everyone has heard of life insurance – regardless of whether or not they have it. But ask people the specifics of what a traditional life insurance policy pays for and covers, and you'll probably receive nothing more than a blank stare.

The fact of the matter is that detailed knowledge of the insurance industry does not come naturally to the general population. It's discovered and acquired as needed. It is important to understand this - because when it comes to investigating the type of life insurance you need, knowledge is power. So what does this have to do with combined life insurance? Basically, it's all about what you are, and are not, covered for – if and when your life insurance policy is activated.

Additional protection from combined life insurance

Combined life insurance is not a separate insurance policy as such, but instead an add-on or supplementary policy, which is attached to existing life coverage.

For a relatively small additional cost, combined life insurance can fill in the following gaps to boost the comprehensiveness of your current policy:

  • Coverage for long term care.
  • Full nursing home coverage.
  • Additional money to support family members upon death of the policy holder.
  • Additional health coverage in case of terminal illnesses.

At first, these four perks may not seem to be overly helpful, but further examination will show them to be invaluable in the continued effort to protect the financial stability and future of loved ones. There could be nothing worse than shifting a monetary burden to family members, especially in a time of mourning and grief.

How to add combined life insurance to your existing policy

Adding coverage for the above factors is exceptionally easy, and will set you back no more than a few extra dollars per week. Simply request a combined life insurance quote on this website, and we will be in touch to find the best solution for you.

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